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Seminarwoche 2009

The normal teaching program is stopped for an entire week for all semesters except the final semester and replaced by a series of workshops and a lecture program. Professors and lecturers from our international partner schools are invited to offer workshops on a favourite design subject of theirs to our students.

The lecture program is organized all over the week. Topics about and related to Design are relevant. 

You find the lectures of May 2009 in the following.

Dr. Yoram Krozer

KDI Cartesius/The Netherlands

„Sustainability for creativity; an economist perspective“



Dr. Markus Merkel

Hochschule Aalen

Simulation und Visualisierung in der Produktentwicklung


Prof. Dr. Kristian Kloeckl

Universita IUAV of Venezia/Italy




Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart

EPEA Internationale Umweltforschung GmbH Hamburg

„Sustainability in Design“



Raymond Meier

Neopus Berlin

„Marke Heimat“



Peter Simlinger

Internationales Institut für Informations-Design/Austria

„Informations-Design bewegt“