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Visual Voltage -The Workshop-

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22.01.2010 14:00 to 23.01.2010 19:00

D- Berlin


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"If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it." — Lord Kelvin

Through Design we can turn an invisible activity of energy consumption into a process that can be experienced, thereby potentially altering awareness and leading to a change in behaviour.

Following this line of thought, the Visual Voltage exhibition presents a set of objects specially designed to help visitors reflect on how they consume energy.

To deepen the discussion about this topic, the Stockholm-based Interactive Institute, together with Berlin-based design-research firm IxDS, will be hosting a one-and-a-half day workshop addressing professional designers and product manager.

The goal of this workshop is to discuss, share and invent design strategies for raising awareness about energy-efficiency, without imposing the “gloomy feeling of guilt” (Régine Debatty); and for changing our consuming behaviour without making us feel like energy-saving martyrs.

The Visual Voltage Workshop is an extension to the Visual Voltage Exhibtion.