TYM - Train your mind

TYM - Train your mind


The scenario of our critical design project was about the next step of self-enhancement. We saw the trends of getting a better person, meritocracy and pushing the limits of the human beeing today, and translated them into the future.
Main questions of our Project have been:

  1. Who are we really?
  2. How do we feel from our experiences?
  3. How much can we adapt ourselves?
  4. Where are the limits of self-enhancement?
  5. How would our brain be affected if we put the hormones directly into our brain instead of making our brain work to produce them?
  6. Do we need emotions in the future?
  7. Which price are you willing to pay?
  8. Do you want to know what is going on even if you feel good/perfect all of the time?
  9. How can you tell you are feeling high if you forget about the low?
  10. Is the data decision always the best one?
  11. If you are overwhelmed by a feeling, do you get emotionally lost?
  12. Will long term use affect you in a negative way?
  13. How do you interact with your "brain training" digital, analog, both?


We decided to start as a fictional company in an dystopian Future. This company is called "TYM", and provides a product line-up, which will boost your performance mentally, aswell as emotional - with a workout, that infuses artificial hormones. In our future scenario the meritocracy became so strong, people have to surrender to our technology, to be able to compete in society. But they have to pay a price: After several years of usage, they will become emotionally neutral. What price are people willing to pay, for the best version of their selves?