Trally is a connection app that focuses on the needs of solo travelers.

Semester Task

This Semester focused on designing an App for travelers. It could focus on daily commuters or world travelers. Due to a recent trend in people who like to take extended trips across the world by themselves (solo travelrs), We decided to create an app that helps them in their journey.

What is Trally?

Solo travel is the largest growing travel trend worldwide. Despite this 60% of respondents say that the travel industry does not cater well enough to solo travelers. TRALLY solves this problem by providing the benefits of group travel with the freedom of solo travel.

At its core it is designed to create a convenient and safe way for people to see the world together. We find that when navigating a new place, having a companion reduces stress. In just a few steps a user can connect with a group of like-minded explorers and join them on their excursion.

During our interviews, People who enjoyed traveling by themselves all said that the most important thing for them was keeping their freedom. Therefore, TRALLY users are not obligated to stay with the group for the entirety of there trip and can leave at any time. Users can also contact locals to ask for tips and tricks of navigating their city.