Summit — Presentations Revised

Summit — Presentations Revised

Summit is a proposal for a tool acknowledging that presentation design is more than creating slides.

There is more to a great presentation than beautifully designed slides. Presentations that stick with us are mostly those, where the speaker’s words intrigue us.

Today‘s presentation software suggests that you’re done with preparing, once your slides are done, because their original intent was not to design presentations, but the visuals that support them. We wondered, what would a tool look like, if it supported the entire process of a presentation?

→ While the support for outlining a presentation rhetorically and structurally is barely supported in current software, Summit provides both—a place to gather content and the means to put together a suspenseful presentation afterwards.

→ Support for visual content should not be restricted to images, videos and text. Interactive data graphs or strong demos are often more expressive and break with the notion of the »classical buisness PowerPoint«

→ The trend of dispersed teams and remote presentations is growing. Integrating video calls directly into the presentation, helps speakers to stay in control while presenting.