This project was developed during a two-week workshop regarding three-dimensional basics in media space.
The whole project was supervised by Prof. Dr. Franklin Hernández-Castro.

The task was to develop a mapped facial projection which can be changed by defined gestures using
the Leap Motion Controller and JavaScript as programming language.

choosing the topic

We started with a few ideas like "Charakter Creation", "Human - Cyborg - Robot" and "Subcultures". Finally we resolved in taking "Subcultures" as a topic. Because it suited the task well and it was intresting to discover the different Subcultures their signs and connections to other Subcultures. We started to think about what to take as an Art style for the mapped face we made a few sketches and prototypes in Photoshop with the Cel Shading style because it seemed easy but we have fast ascertained that photographs are looking way better.

We then started to search for full frontal perfectly alligned face portraits. After we got the permission to use a portrait of photographer MaLize Evans we started photoshopping.

the code

The JavaScript Code defines which gestures can be used and where clickable areas are or action areas. We first wanted to change the faces by swiping but we faced some problems there. The problem is that the Leap Motion Controller is giving out values while swiping for the whole duration of swiping not just one value per swipe. After finally found the issue and fixed it we decided to turn the wheel around and make a interface instead of swiping.

The interface now works like this: a little turquoise circle is representing the courser which is navigated using the Leap Motion Controller. When the circle is hovering over a certain area, which is represented by a button with a symbol for each subculture, the icon is displaying a circle animation and after the circle is full the face changes. The loading animation is in fact a tiny video which starts when you are hovering over it.
At the end of the list with the buttons on the interface there is a button which resets the topical face to the standart one.

the visual content

For the differeent Subcultures we had to do a lot of research, because we needed Subcultures which are defining themselves a lot through facial makeup. In the end we chose the Subcultures of Gothic, Steampunk, Hipster, Rockabilly and Cosplay. All of the face makeup was created using digital makeup technics in Photoshop. The animations were created using After Effects.