MusiX - Innovative music streaming service

MusiX - Innovative music streaming service

Looking at current music streaming services and current developments in A.I. we imagined a concept for a service that offers music listeners a truly adaptable and innovative music streaming experience. MusiX gives users true control over their music – it lets them interact with it, adjust it to their current mood and even includes social features.


The music streaming industry is a field where services like Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube Music stand in fierce competition to each other. All services are more or less similar and a truly innovative service has not yet emerged. Currently available services try through different algorithms to suggest their listeners new music they could potentially like. However as we all know most of the time those suggestions are more or less accurate.

Research & Insights

People listen to music in almost every imaginable situation. Through research we discovered that there are certain situations in which users would like to keep listening to their favorite music but have to pause it or switch to another song/playlist because it just doesn’t fit the current situation or their emotional state. Users would like to have more control over a currently playing song to keep listening to it. Another insight was how many music listeners actually connect certain parts of a song to a memory (e.g. a night out with friends).

Our solution

Users can adjust the intensity of their music by dragging the waveform up or down. Using the color matrix they can go even further and change the music so that it better fits to their current mood. Users can tag parts of their music with memories in form of pictures or short videos, geolocations and even save favorite versions of the currently playing music. The friendzone enables users to see in what music their friends mentioned them and what versions they prefer.
For runners using MusiX on their smartwatch the app offers additional functionality by matching the BPM of music to their pulse.