IKO - a supportive device

IKO - a supportive device

A supportive device that should not only help to organize but improve the workflow, integration and language practice from foreign employees.

Imagine you are abroad, in a foreign country where the people speak a language you do not understand. Most people experience this when they are on vacation. Aware of time, nowadays many employees experience this, they come to Germany, don´t understand the language and have to work there. Aware of that problem, IKO is helping to organize, structurize and improve the language barrier of those people.

A colorcoded navigation should help and support the user to easily interact and understand the System. Via Quck Lands and SOS Notifications, extreme Cases are covered.

The Design Principles guided the whole Design Process and always should be considered while designing.

This is our navigation, that is color coded for the user to easily navigate through our system.