CHŪ – help for love

CHŪ – help for love

To create a dystopia related to dating in the future, we have decided to slip into the role of a company founded in 2025. Our Scenario Plays in 2040, in which the company introduces a revolutionary new technology that, in their eyes, should take love life to a new level.
To reach its goal, the company uses love hormones. These manipulate the user and increase his willingness to talk to potential partners.
This technique is combined with the technical possibilities, such as machine learning or DNA analysis, to increase the success of a romantic encounter.

Company Timeline

CHŪP is the world’s first hormone-controlled love chip. Unleash the power of hormones to give yourself or others around you a confidence boost.

CHŪP is available in 3 different variations: CHŪP, CHŪP mini and CHŪP pop.


The standard CHŪP is a microchip that is implanted below the skin. It can remain under the skin for three whole years before it has to be replaced.

CHŪP mini is a mixture of gel and smart dust. The user puts it on the skin and CHŪP mini soaks right in. This process has to be renewed every 5 days.

CHŪP pop is the perfect option for lifestyle fans who don’t want to use CHŪP regularly, but still want it as a lifestyle accessory. The chip is embedded inside the wristband. It is available in five different colors.