Carbon Connected

Carbon Connected

Would you change your behavior?

“We need to focus on equity. The solutions within this system are so impossible to find then maybe we need to change the system itself.”
says Greta Thunberg, the Swedish activist, who initiated the school strike for climate movement.

In the meantime China is developing and testing their Social Credit System.

Regarding these two events we wondered: How might we use social systems to change the behavior of people and make them more aware of their environmental impact?

Our goal was to combine human-centered with eco-centered design and leave you with a feeling that the little decisions you make in everyday life can really make a difference.

We looked at how social media influences peoples behavior and for example with snapchat streaks keeps them snapping day by day. Then we came up with our own vision of the future.

To make our concept tangible we prototyped a game.
The goal is to choose the right decisions throughout the day to be able to book a flight at the end as a final quest.
With each decision, you get points which are calculated in a ranking system.
The ranks are divided into 5 categories.
The best-ranked people in our social system would have an excellent merit in order to get that high, they would have more freedom of choice than lower ranked people.

Will you accept a system like that to change your behavior?