ÆMP - Amplify your employees

ÆMP - Amplify your employees

The Inventiondesign 2 course focused on Critical Design and Future Scenario Building. Critical design takes a critical theory based approach to design. This kind of design uses design fiction and speculative design proposals to challenge assumptions, conceptions about the role of objects play in everyday life. The goal was to learn about scenario building and other tools. The task was to create a future scenario in which you speculate or are critical of a topic of your choosing, preferably linking to the present.

Technology is moving ever closer to our bodies. What happens if we use it to manipulate or optimise our body?
How does it look like when this technology is mainly used in the working world?
What influence does this new technology have on the working relationship between employee and employer and what are the advantages and disadvantages?*

To best convey the core ideas of our scenario, we created a fictitious company called ÆMP. This company should reflect all fears and show the critical sides of our scenario. The following artifacts we have designed to bring this company to life.

ÆMP is a company specialized in humand body enhancement in the workplace. For this microchips are implanted in workers bodies to monitor them and enhance there body functions to make them much more efficient.

To give the visitor or observer the feeling that the company we created is real, we designed an Online presents. The website is designed as a one-pager and offers an overview of the products and services our company offers. Prepared packages with soft and hardware components, single core chips as well as bio sensor chips, worker energy supply , equipment and last but not least professionals who perform a consulting task.

The interface we designed gives the employer an overview of his employees. It shows in which state the individual workers are or how efficiently they are working. In addition, a map shows the exact location of each worker and there is a ranking of the most efficient workers. The interface is intended to encourage reflection on the topic of worker monitoring and to put it in a critical light. Employees not only work at machine level efficiency but are also monitored like machines.