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UX Lx: User Experience Lisbon

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11.05.2010 22:00 to 13.05.2010 22:00

POR- Lissabon


We signed up top speakers in the industry like Jared Spool, Peter Merholz, Luke Wroblewski, Dan Saffer, Donna Spencer, Dana Chisnell, Brian Fling and Bill Scott and we still have more to come. And we'll be opening up to 12 slots for submissions so we expect to receive a lot of proposals from you.

We arranged to have an UX book fair in the venue hall with all the top publishers in the industry, offering up to 35% discounts.

Apart from this we're setting up a horde of side-events called "Lisbon Xperience" that will show attendees out and about throughout the city while exposing them to Portuguese wine, food and music.

For those of you with families we're also setting up a program just for them to cruise around the city while you're away at the conference.

To make it more affordable we've signed up deals with airlines and hotels to give attendees exclusive discounts.

All in all we're trying to put up a fantastic event. I hope you can all come and have a great time in Lisbon. To celebrate Xmas we're offering Super Early Bird tickets at up to 50% off.