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EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards

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The EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards are Europe’s contest for young professionals and students who work on innovative projects in the field of e-contents and design - using whichever multimedia channel or platform. Projects can be submitted in 9 categories and one special award.

The EUROPRIX gives all nominees and winners the chance to be promoted and exposed on the European stage.

- Online / Web Projects
- Offline Projects / Interactive DVD
- Mobile Applications
- Games
- Interactive Computer Graphics
- Interactive Installations
- Interactive TV
- Content Tools and Interface Design
- Digital Video & Animations
- EUROPRIX Special Award for the project with the best business potential

*Benefits: *Nominees will receive a host of benefits, including:
+ An all-expenses-paid trip to the EUROPRIX Multimedia Festival in Graz, Austria (November 13.–14, 2009)
+ Become part of the powerful EUROPRIX community
+ Presentation of their project in the EUROPRIX yearbook, distributed all over Europe
+ Great networking and unique promotion opportunities throughout Europe
+ Cutting-edge software packages

*How to participate:*
Enter online, follow the registration steps and your work will be objectively and methodically assessed by a top international jury of multimedia experts.
A selection of top academics and students from highly-reputable multimedia departments, top industry journalists, renowned cutting-edge producers and business experts will evaluate the latest trends and fresh content from Europe's exciting young producers.

*New for 2009: "Crisis Discount"!*
No doubt about it, we're all feeling the squeeze of the financial crisis. But here's the good news: under the slogan, "Don't cry - create!" the EUROPRIX is offering first time participants a "crisis discount"! That means no registration fee for newcomers

*Registration start: April 1, 2009*
*Submission deadline: June 30, 2009*