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fitc 2010 Design. Technology. Cool Shit.

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21.02.2010 23:00 to 22.02.2010 23:00

NL- Amsterdam


they say:

Jared Tarbell • Erik Natzke • MK12 • Hoss Gifford • Mario Klingemann • Robert Lindström (North Kingdom) • Scott Hansen (ISO50/Tycho) • Ralph Hauwert • Joa Ebert • Carlos Ulloa • André Michelle • Grant Skinner • Jim Corbett • Richard Galvan • Lee Brimelow • Champagne Valentine • Claus Wahlers • Mark Anders • Koen De Weggheleire • Serge Jespers • Stacey Mulcahy • Plus many more! Check the speaker page for the complete and up-to-

what it is:

FITC has held 20 events over 8 years, through 9 cities and 5 countries, with over 15,000 attendees. From Flash to motion design to creative inspiration to technologies such as Flex, Air and processing, FITC events are unique and exciting as they educate, challenge, and inspire. We began as a Flash festival, and we've kept Flash at the core, as we continue to add more and more diverse presentations and ever-expand the programming of our events.