Lumina - The Light Automation For Your Home

Lumina is a light automation for your home.

This project is located in the field known as internet of things (IoT) and deals with a lighting control for your home. It‘s not new that devices are talking to each other, but no one is coordinating the conversation. Users are acquiring devices but onboarding and interacting is painful and the utility is mostly low. Currently each brand requires a dedicated app to control its devices or even a dedicated app for each device. You don’t have to have a Philips app for your Philips light bulbs and a LG app for your LG light bulbs. You do not have to pull out your phone and open an app every single time. Our light system is your interface of all existing smart bulbs. It seamlessly translates your needs into orchestrated technical commands. It works across manufacturers and standards creating interoperability where none existed. It can control all your light at once and have them respond to the rest of your environment. For example if you are watching a movie, you can dim all the lights in the living room and switch the stereo to movie mode. 


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We also included a feedback kanal, which is our daily used light switch. It allows you to decline the stories, that are included in our interface to dim the lights manually. Each stoy has the same structure. You can choose the room, the light or the device it is connected with, the action and the time. Lumina makes suggestions depending on the users behavior as well.


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