Unsichtbare Mitbewohner

Interactive installation dealing with the principles of magnification. Analyse your apartment and find out that you are not alone.

In every house there are animals which are so small that they are invisible for us. In this project they become visible so you can explore the life of your little "roommates" like in a microscopic zoo.

Onto a table with touch surface one of three rooms is projected in the bird's eye view. You can move to another room by touching a small picture of that room on the bottom of the projection. If you enter a new scene yellow markers will appear. Behind these markers the "invisible roommates" are hidden. By placing a microscope metaphor on the marker you can zoom into the scene until the little "roommate" is visible.

The Project at HfG Exhibition Microscope Metaphor

Using the Microscope
the "microscope" basically consists of three parts. The case with a usb wheel, a very small high resolution display and infraredlights. With the help of these lights an infrared sensible camera under the table tracks the position of the microscope. Depending on it's position (yellow markers) different contents will be loaded and shown on the display. With the wheel you can zoom stageless into the scene until you see the animal in full size. For the tracking and the whole navigation we used vvvv.
Inner Microscope