Music Visualisation - "Introduction et Rondo Capriccioso"

Visualisation of Saint Saëns "Introduction Et Rondo Capriccioso". Made with the help of very bright LED lights.


The visualisation is based on three main principles. The higher the tone the farther moves the light on the tube. To create the impression that every one of the very fast violin tones is visible, the lights jump alternately from the left to the right tube with high speed. At least there were problems with the reaction of the LEDs. The violin was too fast so the movement of the lights appeard not like moving up and down but like flickering lights. The solution was to change the length of the moving lights depending on its speed.

Lights at HfG Exhibition vvvv Timeliner

The installation consists of 14 -each one metre long- LED pannels. One Pannel has a resolution of 72 pixels and can theoretically display the whole RGB range. In the end there where two LED tubes with a length of seven metres and a resolution of 504 pixels for each tube. The lights were controlled via DMX and programmed with the vvvv Timeliner patch.


The attachment includes the dmx drivers which are needed to use a DMX device together with vvvv.