multitouch: typesetting and layout application

a large screen typography and layout application with a focus on simplicity and context sensitivity of the interface and gestures.

by now most multitouch applications are nothing more than playful experiments. with this research project we tried to find out to what extent the multitouch technology can be used for serious purposes.

the intention behind this project was to transfer the manual work of acient typesetters to the new possibilities of the multitouch technologie and to create a natural and intuitive concept for ways of interacting with future applications.
it is supposed to run on a multitouch surface that is ergonomic to use and with large dimensions in order to provide the overview needed, for example to work on a poster. the GUI and the gestures are pretty much reduced. the function of the different gestures depends on the context so that there is no need for confusing menu structures and only few gestures have to be learnt by the user.