moodji is a concept prototype that has been developed during the course of four days at the international seminar week.

It is an attempt to visualize social interaction in the context of virtual rooms such as instant messengers. By looking at emojis used in conversations, it is able to detect the current mood and react to it by playing a matching light configuration contemporaneous. So while someone is sending you messages whose containing emojis the light is reacting to that conversation and depending on which mood your emoji has. The light gets different colors or movements. The lights are interacting with your emojis in your chat.

moodji modell


We used the Telegram API to hook into a users chat and watch for emojis. The messages are processed by a node.js server, which detects emojis and communicates to moodji light via the MQTT protocol. The device itself runs on a wifi-enabled Arduino board which is always connected to our node.js application.

We want to thank Joël Gähwiler who made this project possible by hosting this great workshop.



 Music Credit: A Storm At Eilean Mor by Jon-Luc Hefferman —